Your company’s cost to provide health insurance benefits will rise by nearly 10% this year.

Part of the reason those costs continue to climb is that some employees use their benefits unwisely.

  • For example, more than half of ER patients (most of whom have insurance) don’t have a condition that is serious enough to qualify as a true emergency (needing care within 1 hour or less).
  • Whether they choose the ER because they don’t have a primary physician of their own, for convenience, or for another reason, this inappropriate healthcare seeking behavior drives up healthcare costs for employers.

Inappropriate health care seeking is not surprising, because most people don’t know the underlying costs of health care, and almost half of American consumers do not understand the gobbledygook that describes their insurance coverage.

Curb the increasing cost of future benefits -- hire Jane Neff Rollins, MSPH to train your employees about what health care actually costs, and how to work in concert with their health care providers and insurance plans to use health care resources more wisely.

Download Jane’s one sheet here

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