The following presentations are available in formats from 30 minutes to 3 hours:

  • Becoming an Informed Health Care Consumer
    • Why you need to be an advocate for yourself & your family when it comes to health care
    • Maintaining your own personal health record
    • Finding reliable health information
    • Protecting yourself from medical identity theft

  • Finding the Money
    • Health Insurance -- what it is, and is not, supposed to do for you
    • Mastering the step-by-step process that helps you calculate the right
      nsurance plan for your needs now
    • What your plan covers…or does not
    • Learning to budget for out of pocket medical expenses
    • Utilizing your flexible spending account

  • Building Your Health Care Team
    • Finding a primary care provider, before you need one
      • Be prepared for unexpected injury or illness
      • Prevent medical problems before they start
      • The doctor will see you now -- for 8 minutes
        Maximize the value of your time together
    • Preparing for hospitalization
    • Taking responsibility for your own health

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